Forcite Receives Funding for Its Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmets Are Coming

Smart helmets are the next big thing in motorcycle gear. While there a few different companies, such as Shoei, working on the technology, there are also smaller players like the Australian company Forcite. That company just received some new funding that will ensure it hits its set 2019 delivery date. 

According to Motorbike WriterUniseed, which is one of Australia’s longest-running research commercialization fund, invested money in the helmet company. This brings the company’s total funding to $2.8 million.

The company’s CEO joked that he and his team could “stop eating pop tarts and two-minute noodles.” He also said that the funding would allow his company to get the product ready for test days. The helmet should launch in April or May of this year.

The helmet gets a carbon composite shell, a sleek aerodynamic-looking design, and some attractive and well-placed Forcite logos. The technology in the helmet is what makes it revolutionary. According to Motorbike Writer, the helmet uses cameras, noise-canceling technology, a navigation system, and an electronically tinted visor that can adjust tint in milliseconds.

Forcite plans to distribute in Australia and the U.S. It is currently looking for distribution partners. Motorbike writer reports that a limited-edition version of the helmet will cost $949. It’s unclear what will happen to the price of the helmet after that. If Forcite can keep the helmet around that price point and the technology works well, it’ll have what could be a true bargain. We’d love to get our hands on one of these helmets to see just how good it really is. 


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