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Volcon Celebrates First Shipments of Grunt Motorcycles

Volcon ePowersports has achieved a major milestone in beginning shipments to customers – and they’re struggling to keep up with the order queue. 

A view of a hunter and his Grunt, an all-terrain electric motorcycle available from Volcon Powersports
Credit: Electric

Having achieved the title of America’s first off-road, all-electric Powersports company, Volcon ePowersports is, according to their press release, currently working on delivering orders for the United States and Latin America, with the team working day and night to bring a smile to the faces of their customers. 

A close-up of the front and side of the Grunt, available from Volcon ePowersports
Credit: RideApart

“The entire team has worked exceptionally hard to bring the Grunt to market, spending nights and weekends devoted to delivering on a very demanding manufacturing timeline,” says Jordan Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Volcon. 

Jordan Davis, CEO of Volcon ePowersports.
Jordan Davis, CEO of Volcon ePowersports. Credit: AP News

“I want to thank the entire team, from our engineers and technicians to our office staff, designers, and factory teams, for all their hard work. I’m humbled to be a part of this outstanding team and the work they’re doing.”

A side view of the Grunt and the Runt available from Volcon Powersports
Credit: Volcon

“There’s no doubt in our minds that our customers are going to love the Grunt when it arrives at their doorstep. We look forward to being a part of their journey from petrol power to electrification as they enjoy their bikes for years to come.”

A view of the Grunt, an all-terrain electric motorcycle available from Volcon Powersports

The company made headlines when they first revealed their motorcycle lineup, The Grunt, an all-terrain electric motorcycle capable of handling any terrain, boasts a seat as low as its center of gravity and ‘no motorcycle experienced required to ride.’

A side view of a rider using the Grunt available from Volcon Powersports
Credit: TopTech News

The other two-wheeled member of the lineup – the Runt – is a pint-sized Grunt for the smaller members of the famjam, featuring 60 Nm of torque and a simple two-hour charge prior to takeoff. 

A view of a small child trying out the Runt - an all-terrain electric motorcycle made available to USA and Latina America from Volcon Powersports this summer 2021
Credit: Cycle News

Keep a weather eye out for these two beauties in dealerships near you, and standby for the release of Volcon’s ATVs and UTVs – christened the Stag and the Beast – in 2022/2023.

An image of the ATV/UTV that will soon eb available from Volcon Powersports
Credit: Electrek

For more news on all things Volcon ePowersports, make sure to check out their website, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

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​​ Kawasaki Motors President Announces Major Expansion Plan for US and Mexico

The last couple of years haven’t been easy on the automotive industry due to obvious reasons. But, as the world eventually comes back to order, manufacturers have started to report an upward trend in sales numbers. More and more people are getting back on their bikes and riding, and people are looking to buy new motorcycles.

A view of a Kawasaki dealership

To meet increasing demand, Hiroshi Ito, President of the Motorcycle & Engine sector of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, has announced in a press release a significant investment to increase production and expand the markets the Japanese manufacturer is available in. How much exactly? $265 million US dollars to increase production capacity over the next five years.

A view of the factory portion connected to Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Credit: Fuel Cell Works

“The stated investment is expected to include, but is not limited to, expansion of the existing factory in Nebraska as well as the exciting news of the creation of a new manufacturing facility in Mexico,” Hiroshi Ito declared. He also added that the move would create thousands of jobs in the US and Mexico. 

layout view of a Kawasaki factory floor
Credit: UTV Driver

It also mentioned that “Kawasaki is also increasing investments in new product development which will be available in the near future, especially in the growing MULE, ATV and JetSki markets as well as innovative new street motorcycles, our new electric, hybrid, and hydrogen power source projects and off-road motorcycles.”

A view of a rider trying out a 2021 model of a Kawasaki ZX-10R
Credit: Roadracing World

Late last year, the company also decided to restructure itself, announcing that the motorcycle and Powersports business would break off into its own vertical. Hiroshi Ito provided an update on the situation when he mentioned that “Kawasaki’s worldwide Powersports and general-purpose engine businesses will become an independent company known as “Kawasaki Motors, Ltd” at the beginning of October 2021.”

A view of a Kawasaki Motors building in the USA
Credit: Roadracing World

Hiroshi Ito, then, is the first President and CEO of Kawasaki Motors Ltd. He’s scheduled to deliver a speech in Tokyo on 6th October 2021, where he will release more details on the plans of the company.

Stay tuned for the latest updates!

– Submitted by Vishal Venugopal

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Harley Davidson Shows Increase In Sales For 2021 Q2

Since the release of the H-D Pan America and their sister brand ‘LiveWire,’ Harley Davidson has continued to lean on the details of their Hardwire Strategy, placed into effect in July of last year. The Strategy outlines a ‘restructuring’ of the company, resulting in a leaner, meaner company function, with a special focus on the demands of a newer generation. 

A view of the police edition of the H-D Pan America
Credit: CycleWorld

Jochen Zeitz, CEO of H-D, states that Included in the multi-point breakdown of the Hardwire Strategy goal was to create “…target-increased profitability and low double-digit EPS growth through 2025” (See the press release from H-D here). 

A view of H-D president Jochen Zeitz next to the Pan America
Credit: BizTimes

…Well it’s not even 2022 yet, and already H-D has seen a Q2 GAAP diluted EPS (earnings per share) of $1.33. That’s up a full $1.93 from the big dip in Q2 2020, a scant year ago.

Zeitz also has released total revenue success numbers (compering them again to Q2 2020), with the company boasting a 77% increase in revenue, 43% of which is American sales.

A view of Scarlett Johansen riding the H-D LiveWire One
Scarlett Johansen (Black Widow) riding the H-D LiveWire One in the action flick, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

That operating income growth of $90 million is, according to RoadRacing World, driven by a lower provision for credit losses (or PCL) which in turn is treated as an expense on the company’s financial statements. 

(For those of you wondering what that means, H-D essentially has far less expected losses from bad debt or other credit that is likely to default or become unrecoverable.)

A view of H-D Dealership workers unwrapping new Harley Davidson bikes
Credit: The NY Times

 July 21st of this year is when Jochen shared his company’s excitement with the world, albeit with a note of cautious optimism:

“I’m pleased with the pace of improvements and with the strong quarter that we have delivered,” says the President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. 

A view of H-D CEO Jochen Zeitz in a field
Jochen Zeitz, CEO of H-D. Credit: The Independent

“We are starting to see the initial proof points as we execute our Hardwire Strategy, as demonstrated by the positive financial results today.”

“We are encouraged by the signs of consumer positivity in the market; however, we remain mindful of the significant supply chain challenges that we expect to continue to impact the sector.”

A view of a Harley Davidson in the Swiss mountains
Credit: Pinterest

Time will tell how Harley Davidson’s directive continues. For an American manufacturer that has a reputation for being a fickle pickle, they’ve stayed surprisingly steady…at least for now. 

All musings aside, what do our fans in the stands think of Harley Davidson’s current state? Make sure to leave a thought or two below, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.

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Ducati Panigale V2 Bayliss 1st Championship Edition Begins Production

Ducati is paying homage to the iconic career of red-team racer Troy Bayliss with the production of a new special edition Panigale V2, due to drop in a few short weeks to dealerships around the world.

Troy Bayliss with his 1st Championship 20th Anniversary Edition
Troy Bayliss with his 1st Championship 20th Anniversary Edition

Bayliss began his journey with the Bologna-based manufacturer in 1997/1998, winning his first of what was to be a very lucrative series of races in 1999.

A view of Ducati Team Troy Baylis turning on the twisting at his first race in 1999

Despite being sacked from the red team in 2004 due to his incompatibility with the machines, his contract was soon renewed and he was reunited with Ducati for the final years of 2006-2008 after a particularly impressive streak, becoming the first racer to win a race in both the Superbike and the Grand Prix world championships.

A view of Troy Baylis in 2006, after his welcome back to the Ducati racing team
Credit: Reddit

The Aussie’s 52 World Superbike victories currently rank third all-time in the history of the SBK Championships – and Ducati’s Bayliss 1st Championship 20th Anniversary Edition of the Panigale V2 shows it off in spades.

1st Championship 20th Anniversary Edition

The Panigale V2 – a bike already firmly in hearts of fans around the globe since its first debut at the WSBK race in Assen – will be lighter (6.6 lb/3kg lighter) and feature graphics inspired by the Ducati 996 R of the first World Superbike title won by Bayliss, as well as a nice set of Öhlins components, among other ‘sporty’ details.

1st Championship 20th Anniversary Edition
Credit: Ducati

That means NX30 front fork and TTX36 rear shock absorbers, a steering damper with customizable calibration, a lithium-ion battery, sport grips, a carbon fiber silencer outlet cover, and a very custom, single-seat configuration in double red stitching with green and white accents to stay true to the roots of the Bayliss inspo.

A view of the signature decal on the Troy Baylis 1st Championship 20th Anniversary Edition

Let us know if you get your hands on one of these beauties; in the meantime, make sure to check out other news from Ducati in MotorBikeWriter’s archives.

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