Carlo Ubbiali, a Motorcycling Legend, Dies at 90 Years Old

A World Champion Racer

You’ll find few men as impressive as the MotoGP legend Carlo Ubbiali. He won nine World Championships. He passed away at the age of 90 from respiratory problems, according to Motociclismo. Born in 1929, Ubbiali was a much-loved Italian racer and is often remembered for his track battles with Tarquinio Provini. Ubbiali was recognized in December of last year with the Coni Golden Collar award. 

Ubbiali won his first Grand Prix in 1950 and his first title in 1951, according to MotoGP. From there, he was able to collect nine World Championships in total before his retirement in 1960. He raced in the 125cc class and the 250cc class. Honda’s emergence in MotoGP and MV Agusta’s policies for racers in various classes (height and weight) kept Ubbiali from winning more titles.

He retired being known for a disciplined and unflustered riding style. During his career, he never suffered a serious crash and he left the sport at the age of 31 as one of the best in the business. He remains one of the most decorated racers in history, and will always be remembered for it. Our condolences go out to his friends and family, and we thank him for his efforts to make the motorcycling world a better, brighter place.

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The CC Racing Garage Scrambler 1100 Wins Ducati Custom Rumble Competition

It’s Clear Why

Ducati hosted a Custom Rumble competition, and recently over 70 motorcycles were entered from dealerships around the world, according to Motorcycle News. Ducati allowed a public vote to narrow the entries down to five bikes and the winner was selected by a panel of judges that included many influential members of the custom bike scene.

The panel included Bike Shed founder Anthony ‘Dutch’ Van Someren, actor and motorcycle enthusiast Nicholas Hoult, and Ducati racers Andrea Dovizioso and Chaz Davies. Unsurprisingly, the panel of judges picked the bike that the public also felt should win the competition overall. The ceremony was held online due to the Coronavirus. 

The winner was a Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro built by CC Racing Garage. Italian bike builder Marco Graziani was the man behind the build. Graziani started with an 1100 Sport Pro, which is the highest specification version of the Scrambler.

Graziani kept the headlight, frame subframe, swingarm, and engine the same to preserve the integrity of the original bike, but changed most other elements. The fairing around the subframe and the seat are 100 percent custom. There’s also a new custom exhaust, new handlebars, updates to the controls and instrument cluster, spoked wheels, and bar-end mirrors.


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Bullit Reveals Black and Gold Hero 125

A Beautiful Paintjob

Bullit Motorcycles is based overseas, but I sure wish the company would start sending bikes to North America. I would buy one. To be specific, I would buy the new black and gold version of the Hero 125 the company just revealed. Motorcycle News recently posted an article about the new version of the bike.

The Hero 125 is a retro scrambler. It’s a bike that has been out before, but now the company has released a new color scheme with black as the primary color and gold as the accent on the tank, number plate, and wheels. 

“As motorcyclists begin to return to the road, we are really excited to be unveiling two new color schemes for our popular Hero range,” said Henry Maplethorpe, Bullit UK Brand Manager. “A lot of riders have often asked us for a black version of the bike, so we’re pleased to be able to offer them this option going forward.”

bullit hero 125

The Hero 125 features a 125cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a five-speed transmission. I know this displacement won’t work for everyone, but if you need a little bike for commenting around a city or for riding around and doing the occasional ride on a trail, then this would be a killer motorcycle. As I said above, Bullit isn’t in North America yet, but wish it was. This is a cool motorcycle.


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Kawasaki Announces 2021 Off-Road KLX and KX Models

Time to Get Dirty

If you’re a fan of riding the dirt, then you should take a gander at the 2021 Kawasaki lineup that was just announced. The company has a full list of KX and KLX models that are confirmed for 2021 already. Kawasaki put out a press release with the tagline “get out and play,” and I think after this pandemic and all of the other stuff going on in the world we could all use a little playtime out there on a dirt track. 

Kawasaki’s dirt lineup isn’t going all-out crazy this year, but it isn’t pulling any punches either, offering a good lineup. Let’s take a closer look at the list.

Here’s what Team Green is selling in 2021:

  • KLX230R ($4,399)
  • KLX 140R ($3,149)
  • KLX 140R L ($3,149)
  • KX100 ($4,649)
  • KX85 ($4,399)
  • KX65 ($3,749)

It’s important to note that the KX models are the ones for kiddos. If you’re buying for an adult, then stick with the KLX models. If you’re buying for a youth rider, the KX is the way to go. The prices for many models are up just a little bit over last year, but it’s not anything to freak out about too much. Kawasaki has a good dirt lineup here, and I’d urge you to get out there and social distance on a trail somewhere. 

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Deals We Love This Week: Up to 58% Off Schuberth and AGV Helmets

Top-Quality, Lower Prices

Riding season is now in for many of us, and I’d encourage you to get out there on two wheels. With that said, I want you to get out there all suited up. At the very least, I’d say wear a helmet. If you don’t have a good helmet, then it’s time to buy one.

And, man, you can get a good deal right now. I’m talking about saving hundreds in many cases. Revzilla is offering up to 58 percent off select Schuberth and AGV helmets right now. You can check out all sale options at Revzilla by clicking here, or you can keep scrolling to see my top picks.

Schuberth C4 Helmet

schuberth c4 helmet

Regular Price: $749.00, Sale Price: $349.99 (53% Off)


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Schuberth E1 Adventure Helmet

schuberth e1 adventure helmet

Regular Price: $749.00, Sale Price: $449.00 (40% Off)

Schuberth’s E1 Adventure Helmet is the lid to get if you want high-class engineering in an adventure lid. The helmet features Schuberth’s special STRONG fiberglass shell and comes in two sizes. It also gets a specially optimized EPS foam, COOLMAX and Thermocool liner materials, a robust system of vents for airflow, an anti-roll-off system, a micro-lock ratchet chin strip, and a Pinlock visor. At 40 percent off, you’ll save about $300 on this helmet. 

Check it out at Revzilla

AGV Numo EVO ST Stinger Helmet

agv numo evo st stinger

Regular Price: $329.95, Sale Price: $139.99 (58% Off)

The AGV Numo EVO ST Stinger Helmet is another good option, and it comes with a whopping 58 percent discount right now. That means you’ll save about $190. The helmet offers only one shell size and two EPS sizes, but otherwise is very good. It has a micrometric adjustable chin closure strap, GT 2 Face Shield, internal sun shield, integrated ventilation, four large front vents, two back vents, and a Shalimar fabric interior with Ritmo fabric cheek pads.

Check it out at Revzilla

AGV X70 Helmet

agv x70 helmet

Regular Price: $219.95, Sale Price: $99.99 (55% Off)

The AGV X70 is the company’s take on the classic open-face motorcycle helmet. The helmet features AGV’s advanced composite fiberglass shell that comes in three sizes, an eco-leather removable interior with smooth fabric and an embossed logo, and a double D-ring retention system. The helmet is simple, and with a 55 percent off discount, you’ll save $119. That puts it in line with some of the other top open-face helmets out there.

Check it out at Revzilla

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Aero Helmet

agv sportmodular

Regular Price: $849.95, Sale Price: $499.99 (41% Off)

We’ve extolled the virtues of the aGV Sportmodular before, and the fact that this AGV Sportmodular Carbon Aero Helmet is on sale means you’ll have a killer helmet for an excellent price. The helmet features a carbon fiber shell that comes in three sizes, five density EPS that comes in four sizes, a metal chin bar mechanism, integrated ventilation system, removable nose guard and wind protector, Shalimar and Nubuk fabric neck roll, Ritmo fabric cheek pads, a Pinlock face shield, and an internal sun shield. The helmet is currently 41 percent off, so you’ll save $350. 

Check it out at Revzilla

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Triumph Is Set to Cut 240 of UK Staff Members Due to COVID-19

Worldwide the Number Could be 400

The COVID-19 pandemic has had horrible effects on economies around the world. Triumph revealed that it is set to cut 240 UK staff members due to the pandemic. The number of people who could lose their jobs worldwide is expected to be “circa 400,” according to Motorcycle News.

Those 240 UK jobs will come out of the headquarters and operations facilities of the company. The losses of these jobs are due to dramatic restructuring within the business. According to Triumph, these measures will be taken to “protect the long-term health of the business.”

Triumph employs around 2,500 people around the world. There are about 650 dealerships around the world, too. “These are not only challenging times for everyone as individuals, but also for the company,” Triumph Motorcycles Chief Executive, Nick Bloor, said. “No business could have anticipated the scale of the coronavirus crisis and its economic consequences.”

In Triumph’s key markets (France, Italy, Germany, USA, and the UK), bike sales dropped between 40 and 55 percent. This is expected to continue, though likely not quite as dramatically in the coming months. “The pandemic has caused significant damage to the global motorcycle market, and, sadly, we have to respond and react accordingly as both a responsible employer and as a business that invests for the future,” Bloor said.

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BMW Motorrad Celebrates 40 Years of the GS

BMW Has Been Making GS Motorcycles For Decades

Of all of BMW’s bikes, the R 80 GS might be the most important. It’s the bike that essentially created the adventure-touring segment. When it came out, it was a bit of an odd duck, but that was partly because people didn’t realize that by compromising a little bit on some things, you actually gained so much more. The R 80 GS started something new and different, and BMW is celebrating 40 years since it came out

Since that very first GS, BMW’s adventure bikes have gone through some massive changes from the second generation R 100 GS to the four-valve third-generation R 1100 GS of the mid-1990s and on to the more modern iterations of the motorcycle.

The current crop of GS motorcycles are the best that the company has ever produced, and the fact you can follow the bike’s lineage back through four different decades is a testament to that first design that became the R 80 GS and what it stood for. The bike, while not perfect, changed the motorcycling industry forever. It’s cool to see BMW celebrating it. Below, you’ll find a video that goes through the GS’s transformation throughout the years. It was posted to BMW’s YouTube channel back in 2016, but it’s still worth a watch.

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